Avatar: Amon's legacy is a planned fanfiction, created and edited only by Mr.Oakzzz. Though it might be published under another name, the mainpart of the fic will probably be the same as planned. The story begins 68 years following the death of Avatar Korra, and 15 years following her successor Avatar Tsuchi's death.

Main CharactersEdit

Avatar KazaiEdit

Kazai is the current avatar, directly successing Avatar Tsuchi. Kazai was born into the royal fire nation family, as the second son of Fire lord Yogan and his wife Furea and is the younger brother of crownprince Ryuzei. Not showing any signs of any kind of bending talent at a young age, Kazai simply shook it of by saying that his brother, who was a never-before-seen child prodigy in the art of firebending, had gotten all their family's bending talent. At his 15th birthday, he was told that he was the avatar, to everyone's great distrust. Shortly afterwards, Kazai's father was killed by anti-benders during a political meeting in Republic city and his brother Ryuzei became Fire lord. When Kazai refused to join his brother on a mission to avenge their father's death and conquer the world to get rid of all none-benders, his brother attacked and easily defeated him. When he was about to be finished, Kazai entered the Avatar state and escaped the fire nation, beginning the journey we're about to follow.

Fire lord RyuzeiEdit

Successing the position from his assasined father, Ryuzei quickly changed from the caring and loving brother Kazai originally knew him as, into a more serious and cold person who was out to get revenge for the murder of his father. Believing that the only way to completely "pure" the entire world is to get rid of all "failures", Ryuzei have began a quest to wipe out all none-benders and once and for all burn down the small plant that had grown from the seed Amon planted all those years ago.


After Kazai had escaped from the Fire nation, he was found lying unconsious on a beach by an Earth kingdom farmer girl. She used some healing herbs to try and ease his wounds, but wasn't able to completely heal him. Waking up, Kazai is told that he was currently on a farm in the Earth kingdom, at first confusing him but eventually causes him to remember his initial struggle with his brother. Warning Hikari about the invasion, she is at first hesistant to believe his story since the Fire nation had been one of the most crucial parts of rebuilding the world after Hundred year war.