Death is an alias for the main antagonist of a planned Naruto fanfiction by User:Mr.Oakzzz. His true identity is yet to be revealed, but he seems to be related to the Uchiha clan. He is the founder and leader of the criminal organisation known as the Reborn Akatsuki.


Being a mysterious shinobi, not much is yet known about Death's background. He is somehow connected to the Uchiha clan as he posseses the Sharingan. He have also revealed that at some point in his life, he co-operated with Obito Uchiha, proved by the simple fact that he knows of Tobi's true identity.


Death mainly acts through other bodies, similar to the Six Paths of Pain. Like Pain, he have six different bodies, but unlike pain they all seem to be identical. His most used one is said to have been created from Tobi's corpse, wearing a mask similar to the one worn by him defore he began posing as Madara, revealing only one of his eyes. Like all Akatsuki members, Death dresses in a black cloak, covered with red clouds.


Death constantly displays complete control of his emotions. he rarely gets angry and have only displayed this at one occassion. He is also extremely confident in his own abilities, as he deems even the like's of the Hokage unworthy of facing him. Whenever this confidence is justified or not have yet to be seen, but he have been shown to kill elite ANBU with little to no effort. He is also a master manipulator, as he can control an organisation as ferocious as Akatsuki.


Not much is known about Death's true capabilities as a shinobi, but considering he can contro eight S-rank missing nin it can be assumed that he is very powerful. He have been noted to have a great amount of chakra, as he can control all six of his bodies at once and still make a deadly opponent. He considers even kage-level shinobi to be unworthy of his time, though it is not known if this confidence is justified. However, justified or not, he have a great deal of skill when excecuting his techniques.

He can fight multiple opponents at once, using only one technique. If he deems them too weak, he can simply subdue them with a genjutsu, showing great prowess in the art. However, the most frightening part of Death's arsenal is the power of his Six Paths of Pain. Though not namely refering to his six bodies with that term, they seem to function the exact same way as the technique used by the deceased Akatsuki posing leader. However, it is not known if he possess the Rinnegan or not as only his right Sharingan have been shown this far. He have also gained the Mangekyo Sharingan through unknown means.

Genjutsu prowessEdit

If he deems his opponent too weak to waste energy on, Death usually resorts to subduing them with genjutsu. He have shown to be able to place a person under genjutsu by simply pointing his finger on them. Greatly aided by the Sharingan, he can create illusions so traumatic that even ANBU members tremble down to their slightest straw of hair. When he first introduced himself to Takeru Mitarashi, he spoke through Takeru's adoptive mother Anko whom he controlled with genjutsu.


Death is a true master of the Sharingan, being able to keep it activated at all times with minimal drain on his chakra level. Using it in battle, the Sharingan allows Death to completely read his opponents movements, giving the impression that he can look into the future. It is said that "anyone who stares death in the eye will meet a terrible fate". This is probably a reference to his genjutsu, which he usually cast by eye contact with his Sharingan. Though only one of his Sharingan have been shown this far, in his right eye, this seems to be enough to counter even the best of opponents.

Mangekyo SharinganEdit

Through unknown means, Death has awoken the Mangekyo Sharingan in his right eye. Though all of his six bodies have the same eye, they each possess a unique ability.