Digimon Adventure GX is my third Digimon project at this site. As the name may suggest, it is a sequel to the Digimon Adventure series (the two "original" series). The GX stands for Generation X, where X symbolises variety. This is also to be a refinement of my two first attempts for a Digimon fanfiction: Digimon Transcendence and Digimon G3.


Plot OverviewEdit

Four years have passed since the defeat of MaloMyotismon and a lot have happened. Most noticable is that people know of Digimon's existance. Having said that, most people have a hard time accepting the creature's that caused so much damage in the past and they are detested for being "digital beings". Tai of the digidestined have been trying to establish friendly relationships between humans and digimon, accompanied by his own partner Agumon, but they have yet to make any progress. Meanwhile, his younger sister Kari have entered high school along with Davis and T.K. The three of them decided to enter high school in Odaiba while Ken and Yolei went to America to study. Cody have yet to enter high school but his family moved to Tokyo one year ago. Most of the digidestined have went their separate ways, though they still keep contact.

One day without warning, a portal from an unknown world opened in the digital world and began to spread its darkness throughout the digital world and began to corrupt the digimon. As the digimon sovreigns launched an assault against this new enemy of the digimon, they were easily defeated and imprisoned. Azulongmon was the last one standing. As he was at his limit, he released a new set of three digivices that held the power to heal the corrupt digimon and restore them to their usual selfes.

Character BiosEdit

I will try and pick the best parts of both generations of digidestined to be part of this fanfiction. As I mentioned in the plot overview, Yolei and Cody will not be available at the start, though it's possible they will appear later on in the fanfiction. Ken returns to Japan at the start of the serie, while Yolei stays behind to spend part of her holiday in America with Mimi.

Of the older digidestined, only Tai, Sora and Izzy will be available at first. Mimi is in America, Joe is studying to become a doctor in Tokyo and Matt is on a tour with his band. It makes a total of 7 older digidestined and I will also add 3 of my own.

Taichi "Tai" KamiyaEdit