This is my second Digimon project on this site. There were parts I didn't like in my planning of Digimon Trancendence and have decided that it will be easier to just start over from scratch rather than fixing the holes in the old serie. Digimon G3 is a planned fanfiction created and edited by Mr.Oakzzz. It will contain some elements from Digimon Transcendence as well as some elements from other Digimon ideas i've had.

Plot OverviewEdit

Four years after the demise of MaloMyotismon, strange things are beginning to happen in the digital world. Out of nowhere, darkness are spreading across the lands and it keeps digimon from digivolving properly and it have also began to corrupt the ones that fights it. A mysterious dark force have began to move. When the four digimon sovreigns got knowledge of this new enemy of the digimon, they moved to destroy it, but were defeated with ease and imprisoned in four different temples. Having attained some data on what this new enemy are, Azulongmon releases a new set of three digivices that have the power to heal the corrupted digimon from their corruption, before he too are imprisoned, and with him the power of his digicores that keep the digiworld stable.

Back in the real world, things have changed. The digidestined have been split up for one year as they have entered high school in different places. T.K, Davis and Kari have remained in Odaiba, while Yolei went to study in America along with her boyfriend Ken, who entered one of the worlds most prestiges schools, being the genius he is. Cody have yet to enter high school, but his family moved to Tokyo half a year ago. Meanwhile, the older digidestined have all passed high school by now. Tai have been working on how to establish friendly relations between humans and digimon, now that the entire world knows of their existance. Sora works in a flower shop owned by her mother while her boyfriend Matt is on a tour with his band. Mimi is still in America, where she both provides mental support to Ken and Yolei, who she have grown quite close to, and works in the kitchen on a restaurant. Joe have been recruited as a doctor in-training by a hospital in Kyoto and Izzy helps Tai with the technical work in the digiworld.


The digidestined are a group of children that have been chosen by the digimon sovreigns to help the digiworld in need. As I mentioned earlier, some of the old digidestined will not be available, at least not in the beginning so I will add three OCs.

Daniel "Dan" IsashiEdit

Daniel was born in Odaiba, but moved away to Kyoto after Myotismons attack on the city 8 years ago. During the attack, he was held hostage in the mall along with Davis Motoyima. His father tried to rescue him, but failed and was eventually killed by Phantomon, leading Dan to despise digimon and everything they stand for. He later escaped on his own and witnessed the digidestined battle with VenoMyotismon from a safe distance. After the loss of her husband, Dan's mother took her family and moved away from Odaiba, however, she was unable to let go of the painful memories and eventually lost her senses and was put in a hospital in the familys new home town of Kyoto. By the time Dan returns to Odaiba to enter high school, he have become a lonewolf that seemingly doesn't care for anyone but himself and his family. He took science class with Kari Kamiya and was paired with her in several projects, which led her to see through the rude and cocky face-out he had and discover the still kind and gentle person that sleept in his heart.

Daisuke/Davis MotoyimaEdit

Davis is the first person, except Kari, to try and warm up to Dan after he becomes a digidestined (possibly because Kari have warmed up to him), but gets pissed when Dan rejects his attempts to reunite with his former friend. Though Davis have matured over the years, he ca still be quite impulsive and tends to not always think twice about his actions. He still have his crush on Kari, but he have also lately opened up to the possibility of dating another girl as he have come to realise that just because he likes her, it doesn't mean they will fit as a pair. He still acts protective around her though and his rivalry with T.K is still intact though on a more friendly level and, similar to Matt and Tai in Adventure 02, they have become good friends.

Hikari "Kari" KamiyaEdit

Kari is the younger sister of Taichi "Tai" Kamiya and the embodyment of light. Despite her school duties, she helps her brother in establishing friendly relations between humans and digimon, as it's her dream that the two races will co-exist peacefully. She have also proved herself to be an excellent student, scoring high grades in almost every class, though she states that she is worthless when it comes to science. However, she took this class with Dan Isashi and was often paired with him, as the teacher noted that she seemed to be the only one capable of co-operating with Daniel and thus took enormous steps during the year. She downplays her high science grade to his co-operation, as Dan seemed to already know most of the stuff they worked on. Their partnership also led Kari to discover a more soft and kind side deep within the rude lonewolf. She was the first person to warm up to him when he became a digidestined, but was deeply shocked when he threw his digivice away and even shed tear when she was later told of his dark past.

Takeru "T.K" TakaishiEdit

T.K is the younger brother of Yamato "Matt" Ishida and the embodyment of hope. The latter suits him well as he is the one that keeps up Tai's and Kari's hope of uniting digimon and humans, as he helps them out in any way he can. When his older brother first left on his debut tour with his band, T.K first felt left behind but eventually learned to feel proud of his brother for his success. T.K is the person in the team that helps out the new digidestined the most in the beginning, with the exception of Dan. He finds himself unable to co-operate with him and even punched him in the face when he threw his digivice away. After hearing about Dan's past, he feels guilty for the way he treated him and apologizes first thing when Dan rejoins their group.

Taichi "Tai" KamiyaEdit

Tai is the older brother of Kari Kamiya, the embodyment of courage and the uncrowned leader of the digidestined. After he finished his studies, Tai have been working on how to establish peaceful relations between humans and digimon. Despite a partial success, many people still have a hard time trusting the strange creatures from an other world that caused so much damage in the past. Besides having trouble in his tries, he also struggles to get over his feelings for Sora Takenouchi. The two have known each other since they were kids, but his feelings for her later changed from that of a normal friend to a more romantic way. After Sora got together with his best friend Matt, Tai keeps telling himself that the protective feelings he felt towards her mainly were those that comes with leadership responsability. As Tai notices that his sister seems to have a soft spot for Daniel, he is one of the first to try and get him back when he leaves the team.

Sora TakenouchiEdit

Sora is the lover of Yamato "Matt" Ishida and the embodyment of love. She is also a childhood friend of Tai. When Matt left on his tour, she felt disapointed to not be able to go with him, but at the same time felt proud that her boyfriend were doing so good. As Matt have been gone for a while without making any calls, she have begun to worry that he might not like her anymore, but is comforted by Tai. Often acting as a motherly figure to the younger digidestined, she along with Tai helps the new ones deal with their worries. At the start, she dislikes Dan for his attitude and have a hard time talking to and even about him. As Matt seems to not miss her too much, as well as Tai protective and supporting behaviour towards her, she have began to doubt her own feelings towards Matt and question wether she made the right choice when she chose him over Tai.

Miyuki "Yuki" HoshidaEdit

Yuki Hoshida is the younger sister of Daniel Isashi. Unlike her brother, she switched to her mothers last name Hoshida after their dad died. As their mother is unable to care for her, she lives at an orphanage in Kyoto, but is sent to her brother once the school year ends. Yuki is the youngest of the digidestined, but unlike her brother she have no problem to adjust to the situation.