Since I originally joined because I got inspired by a guy who wrote Digimon Fanfictions, I guess it's time for me to start working on one of my own. Digimon Trascendence is a planned fanfiction serie created and edited by Mr.Oakzzz. It is planned to be released on as Mr.Oakzzz's first official fanfiction and will be based on the two first seasons of the original Digimon Series, as an unofficial sequel to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02.

Character BiosEdit

The serie will have 3 main characters, out of which 1 will be an OC (Own Character). I will create a total of 3 OC's, thus adding the same number of digidestined as was added in Adventure 02 (Davis, Cody Yolei).

Main Characters;Edit

Ace IsashiEdit

Ace had his first encounter with Digimon when he was 9 years old, during Myotismon's invasion of Odaiba. Back then, he was a good friend of Davis Motoyima and was captured along with him. Ace's father led a rescue mission to free his son and paid the ultimate price for it, causing Ace to believe Digimon are just mindless monsters, an opinion that he still has at the start of the serie. After losing her husband, Ace's mother took her son and moved away from Odaiba. 8 years later, Ace returned to Odaiba to study in high school. Despite attempts from some his former friends (notably not Davis) to try and rebuild the bonds with him, Ace instead went through the school year as a lonewolf and didn't even care when some of the girls stated that he was good-looking. In the beginning of the serie, he refuses to accept himself as a digidestined because of his traumatic experiences 8 years ago, even going as far as to throw his digivice into a nearby river and taking of on his own, leaving the other digidestined behind. He later learns to see that not all digimon are bad and decides to fight to protect the ones that aren't. He is partnered with Dorumon.

Daisuke/Davis MotoyimaEdit

Davis was the leader of the digidestined four years ago during the battle with MaloMyotismon, and has since grown into an even more supporting keystone of the team. He still resembles Tai a lot and his growth over the years has made them even more alike. Though Davis is not as hot-headed as he was four years ago, he still has a short temper and can easy fall back into his old, reckless personality. Davis is a childhood friend of Ace Isashi and the two used to play soccer together. When Ace moved away from Odaiba, Davis felt lonely for quite some time before Tai took him under his wings. The two childhood friends reunion didn't go as planned as Ace returned to play a soccer game and ended up kicking the pants out of his old teammates, showing no remorse and refused to look Davis in the eye, hurting Davis in the process. Over the years, Davis tried not to think too much of the person he had once regarded as a brother and the stress he was exposed to during his adventures in the digiworld eventually caused him to forget his late best friend. When Ace was chosen as one of the new digidestined, Davis's memories of him began to slowly fall back into place. The first peace of lost memory was retrieved when he punched the fellow digidestined in the face when Ace threw his Digivice in the river, which caused him to remember a fight they had long ago. While Ace travels on his own, Davis struggles to remember everything about him and eventually finds the last peace, a memory of a promise they made very long ago, which finally gives Ace the resolve to put the past behind him and accept himself as a digidestined. Davis is partnered with Veemon.

Takeru "T.K" TakaishiEdit

T.K was one of the original 7 digidestined who was brought to File Island from he summer camp. He is one of the most experienced, if not the most, of the current digidestined. Over the years, T.K have matured and become a very calm and polite person, the complete opposite of the impulsive Davis. Despite that, he and his old rival have made peace, similar to Matt and Tai and become very close friends, trusting each other with almost everything. They do however not talk very much about their respective crushes on Kari Kamiya, simply out of mutual respect for one another. When his brother left for a tour with his band one year ago, T.K started to get regualr visits from Sora, his brother girlfriend and one of the original digidestined, as she misses her beloved and feel closer to him by spending time with his brother. The two of them have a brother and sister relationship and both awaits Matts return with eager. T.K have also worked with Kari and her big brother Tai to establish a more stabilized relationship between humans and digimon. Most humans know of digimon by now, so he thinks it's important that they help the digimon get the best first impression of humans, as well as the opposite. Though many of the children seems to like digimon, it has been quite a challenge to change the opinion of the adults that experienced the destruction the wild digimon caused when they first came to the real world. As T.K is by now used to persuade people to give digimon another chance, T.K was really annoyed when Ace threw his digivice away, as it was proof that digimon and humans can co-exist together. As T.K enters his third digimon adventure, he is really nervous for the first time. He knows that the outcome of this conflict can be determining the future of both humans and digimon and he is worried that if they fail, that will proove to people that humans and digimon never can co-exist. T.K is partnered with Patamon.

Other Characters:Edit

Of course all digidestined will be included, but like in Adventure 02, not all of them will be a constant part of the team. Here, I will give an overview of the most important other digidestined, including two OCs.

Kari KamiyaEdit