Genzo will be the main portagonist in a Naruto fanfiction created and edited by Mr.Oakzzz. He is a genin level shinobi from Konohagakure and a former member of konohas ANBU.


Genzo was born around 19 years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. When he was 6 years old, he was found unconsious outside Konohas gates. Waking up, he had no memory of his life up until then. He didn't even remember his own name. He waited for three week for someone to come and pick him up, but no one came. Sensing the boys potential, the sixth hokage offered him to stay in the village, at least for the time being. Accepting the offer, he was put in the care of Anko Mitarashi.

Over the years, Anko came to become something similar to a mother to the young boy. Despite that she constantly complained about him not having an actual name, she came to see him as something similar to an adoptive son. She began teaching the boy the ninja arts one year after he had been put in her care. Progressing fast, Genzo was enlisted in the village's ANBU at age 13 under the name Ü. To congratulate him, Anko gave Genzo the snake contract. It is showed as a tatoo on his left arm similar to Orochimaru, though it's much smaller and usually covered by either his ANBU arm bracelets or bandages.

"Ü" was shown to be s skilled ANBU, never turning down a mission and always presenting good results. However, he seemed to be unable to work with others, leading the hokage to only assign him to individual missions. By the time he reached the age of 16, the sixth decided that rather than running from the problem, he would try and deal with it. Giving the boy a new mission, he was registered in a team conisisting of two genin and a jonin. He was to be part of this team under the name Genzo. Feeling bitter about his degrading, Genzo headed to his first meeting with his new team.


As a member of the ANBU, Genzo rarely shows any sign of individuality or emotions. During missions, he can be completely emotionless, by his superiors even being liked to Itachi Uchiha after he joined Akatsuki. However, he does have some characteristics. Like his adoptive mother, he can be very studious and knowledgeable, an important element in his fast growth as a shinobi. He have also inherited some of her sadistic nature, not often showing sympathy towards others. Aside from that, he differs from Anko in the way that he is not always as enthusiastic and hyperactive, showing a more calm personality to himself.


Genzo bears a striking resemblence to Sasuke Uchiha , having the same jet-black hair and onyx eyes. Like Sasuke, he also tends to have a cold facial expression. He is around average height for boys his age and have a slim yet muscular build. When he's at home, he usually wears a normal black short.sleeved shirt with a high collar. In this outfit, his snake summoning tatoo on his left arm is visible.

Up until he joined his genin team, Genzo used to constantly wear his ANBU armor, consisting of an black clothing underneath grey chest armor along with metal arm guards and black ninja sandals. Unlike other ANBU however, he tends to wear short pants instead of long ones.

After he joined his genin team, he made up a new outift. He began wearing a red jacket with a high collar along with black shorts and regular ninja sandals. His summoning tatoo is hidden under his sleeve, but he expells it at time for use.


Being a former ANBU member, as well as a student of Anko Mitarashi, Genzo is a powerful ninja in his own right. At the mere age of 13, he mastered the Summoning Technique as well as the Shadow Clone Technique, two high level techniques. Ha have also shown vast skill in Taijutsu, often combining it with his snake techniques, such as the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, to increase its range and effectivity. Aside from his snake theme, Genzo is also known for his skills in fuinjutsu. He can cut of an opponent from its chakra network by using the Five Elements Seal or leave them unable to move properly by placing another seal on them.


While stuck in combat, Genzo relies heavily on his taijutsu skills, which are above average. During his first training session with his genin team, he proved himself capable to hold his own against their sensei. The main element of his taijutsu prowess is his immense speed, which enables him to easily get behind his enemy. Though not using any particular style, his moves often follows a special pattern in which he uses fast moves to attack and then withdraws to safety.

An important element of Genzo's taijutsu is his snake theme. Using different snake related techniques, he can increase the range of his taijutsu and make it more effective. A common move in this is his use of the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, a technique which causes snakes to erupt from his wrists, using the snakes to either pierce his opponent or using them as whips to smash them. He can also grab an opponent and get them closer to attack or inject them with poison through his snakes.

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total 4 3,5 2 3 2,5 4 2,5 3 24,5