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This is a wikia that collects information about fanfiction series created by Mr.Oakzzz. It will also contain planning pages (PP) for fanfictions that are yet to be written. Anyone who wishes may use this site to collect their thoughts, but Mr.Oakzzz will not take responsability for their actions at this wikia!

Be creative!Edit

This is the wiki for fanfiction writers to collect their thoughts and give the public more information about their fanfictions, for example a summary fo their own characters (OC). Anyone are welcome to use this wiki to gather or give information about whatever they wishes, but they must follow som rules. Before you post anything however, be aware fo that anyone will be able to comment your article so if you can't take bad critism, don't post anything! Also, Mr.Oakzzz will not take responsability for your actions if you break the rules, so plz stick to them!


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