Pokemon Generation 2 is a planned fanfiction serie by Mr.Oakzzz. It will be based on the nintendo ds games Black 2 and White 2 and thus, takes place two years after Ash's journey through the Unova region (which is based on the nintendo ds games Black and White).

Character BiosEdit

Main Characters:Edit

Ace DuskEdit

Ace is a rookie trainer and the main protagonist of Pokemon Generation 2. He lives in Aspertia City in the start of the serie and greatly admires the gym leader, Cheren. When he comes across Professor Juniper, she asks him for help to find a girl who's supposed deliver a parcel to her. He gets to borrow a Pokemon temporarily and heads out to search for the girl, who turns out to be Christie. Rescuing her from a swarm of angry Pidove, he proves to have talent as a trainer as he took ou the entire swarm using only his Tepig. He obtains the Tepig from Professor Juniper as a gift for helping her and is also asked to help her with the pokedex program, which he accepts.

Ace's Pokemon
Tepig Tepig was given to Ace from Professor Juniper, after he helped her rescue Christie. Tepig is very anxious about everything it sees and rarely thinks twice before bursting in on something. It knows the powerful move Flame Charge.
Elekid While taking a short break on their journey, Ace and Christie is attacked by an Elekid that wants their food. As Elekid takes Ace's bag, it gets the snacks it wanted but also runs off with his pokeballs. Tracking it down, the two of them had a brief shuffle, during which Ace decided to catch it, after having seen it's power.
Rufflet When Elekid ran of with his bag, Ace temporarily caught a Rufflet that was close by to help them search. As Tepig pokeball had been taken along with the bag, Rufflet was Ace's choice of pokemon in his battle with Elekid, in which it managed to hold it's own with its impressive speed and powerful Aerial Ace move. Afterwards, he said he would keeping it for a little longer, which turns out to be forever.
Zorua During his stay in Nimbasa city, Ace was reached by the rumors that there was a rare Zorua that lived in the city. Knowing that Zorua is an extremely rare pokemon, Ace decided to check it out.