Takeru Mitarashi will be the main protagonist in a Naruto fanfiction planned by Mr.Oakzzz. He is a genin-level shinobi of Konohagakure and the adoptive son of Anko Mitarashi.

Takeru Mitarashi
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Anko Mitarashi (adoptive mother)


Hidden Shadow Snake Hands

Shadow Clone Technique

Summoning Technique (Snakes)


After Anko Mitarashi woke up from her coma during the Fourth Shinobi World War, she found that Kabuto had been subdued by an unknown ally. During her travel back to the village, she discovered an infant lying unconsious among the corpses on the battlefield as the only survivor found in sight. Feeling sympathy towards the boy, she brought him with her as she returned to Konohagakure. Waking up in the village's hospital, he had no memory of his life up until that point, except for a weak recall that his name was Takeru. It was decided that for the time being, Takeru would stay in the village. The Fifth Hokage put Anko in charge of the child as she had been the one to find him in the first place.

Though they got off to a rusty start, the two soon learned to appreciate each other. In the end, Anko turned out to regard herself as the boy's actual mother and it is known that Takeru felt the same way. Wanting her son to grow up to become a powerful shinobi just like herself, Anko began teaching him the ninja arts when he turned six, two years after he arrived. He turned out to have a natural talent for the art and enrolled in the ninja academy at the age of 7 and graduated recently at the age of 12. To celebrate this, Anko gave Takeru the snake contract, something he had wanted since the first time he saw his mother summon a snake.


Takeru is unusually short for a boy his age. He usually wears a black shirt with a high collar, along with a pair of black short and ninja sandals. Like many other Konoha shinobi, he have the symbol of Uzushiogakure on his left shoulder as proof of the two villages former relation. He also wears a shuriken holster on his right leg, as well as a forehead protector that keeps his black hair out of his onyx-black eyes. His hair is usually unkept and have a slight trace of raven in it.

When he's at home or not on missions, he usually discards the forehead protector and shuriken holster.


Having inherited several of his adoptive mothers traits, Takeru is a cheerful, easy-going, stubborn and sometimes hyperactive individual. He is also unusually mature for his age and have been shown to be able to handle pressure better than his two teammates.

Takeru can also be rather competitive. This is most evident in his rivalry with fellow teammate Daisuke Tensai. It is known that Daisuke returns this rivalry. At the start of the series, Takeru is unsure of what he wants to do with his life. When asked about his dream by his sensei, he replied "nothing, I don't know", getting weird glances from both Daisuke and his other teammate Amai Sato.


Even though he is still a genin, Takeru have shown signs to have great potential. His mother even stated that he is more gifted than she was at the same age. While he was in the academy, he scored second highest in the Taijutsu class and constantly made it to the top five during writing tests. He was noted by Neji Hyuga to have exceptional chakra reserves for someone so young. It can also be assumed that he have at least decent chakra control, as he was able to perform the summoning technique immidietely after recieving the snake contract.

Snake Techniques

When he graduated from the academy, Anko gave him the snake contract as a means of celebration. She did not expect him however, to master it at such a young age. Immidietely after signing the contract, he tried out the summoning technique in front of his adoptive mother who was stunned when he actually managed to summon a snake on his very first try. Though he have yet to learn how to summon bigger summons, he can still summon snakes the size of a big dog.

He can also use the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands to eject smaller snakes from his wrists.